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MATMODEL Ordering Information

Matmodel order form. Order form in PDF format. Orders or inquiries should be addressed to:

Richard E. Furnas, Ph.D. Proprietor
Microcomputer Power (607) 272-2188
111 Clover Lane Fax:
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA (607) 272-0782

The complete MATMODELTM Version 2.0 Package for AMMI analysis is only $995.00*.

A charge for shipping, handling, and guaranteed delivery is added to all orders:
 10% for shipping locations in North America
 20% for overseas destinations

Please send me:
____ copies of MATMODELTM at US$995.00 = $_____.___

____% Shipping = US $_____.___

Total = US $_____.___

* Educational institutions and U.S. Government purchasers are granted the discounted price of $495.00.

End User Name:
Bill To:
Ship To:

Shipping addresses in New York State must add applicable
Sales Tax or supply Tax Exempt Number (______________________).

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