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TEXTBOOK: Multivariate Analysis in Community Ecology

by Hugh G. Gauch.

Users of the Cornell Ecology Programs may also want a copy of Multivariate Analysis in Community Ecology, by Hugh G. Gauch, Jr., from the Cambridge University Press (1982).

There are 298 pages and 7 chapters:


Sampling Methods

Direct Gradient Analysis





This book emphasizes both principles (ecological and mathematical) and applications. Preferred multivariate methods are emphasized, rather than presenting a compendium of all the methods that have been suggested.

The book treats the algorithms used by each of the CEP programs--ORDIFLEX, COMPCLUS, DECORANA, TWINSPAN and DATAEDIT--and develops an integrated research strategy that employs all these programs.

Readership advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and professional researchers, primarily in ecology and related applied fields (forestry, natural resources, agronomy, and environmental management).

Some consideration is also given to other fields such as business, economics, psychology, education, social and political sciences, and medicine because of the wide applicability of multivariate methods.

n HGG-P Gauch (1982)


Dr. Richard E. Furnas
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