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Site Licenses

Site licenses are an option more and more of our customers have requested. Many of our customers have found our programs increasingly important in their work and have wanted to make the capabilities available to their colleagues or students. This is often done by having a computer set up in a lab with the software installed on it. Users come in to analyze their data sets. While this method works, it is often inconvenient, especially as individuals now commonly have their own computer on which they work.

With our first implementation for microcomputers we offered a reduced price for additional copies of our programs to help address this problem. More and more of you are looking for an even more cost-effective way to make the programs available to a broader constituency at your institutions. Site licenses are now available for each of our major programs for ecologists.

Site licenses provide, at modest cost, convenient access to the programs and near-zero liability for illegal copying or other unauthorized use of the software.

The site-license/LAN includes 10 copies of the documentation and two sets of master disks together with permission to duplicate the disks as desired for further use at the site. This allows ultimate freedom to install on a network server regardless of copy privileges or requirements to track number of active users. Installation on laptops for field use, distribution to students for classroom or laboratory use and allowing for reasonable completion of more extensive outside data analysis assignments.

To simplify the transition to a site license, your previous purchases can be applied to a site license order. Your total invoice will be reduced by the current price of any existing current licenses. Now you can buy the programs individually and your investment can later be credited toward a site license. The programs can be tested to your satisfaction, even additional copies ordered at the reduced rate, and when a final approval is made on your site license purchase, those existing purchases can be converted into a lower price on the site license. When placing your order you must give serial numbers of existing licenses to be applied toward the site license purchase.


An investigator has purchased a primary license now selling for $368 and an additional license now priced at $238. She wishes to buy a site license priced at $2374. Her order shows the following:

 1    Site License                       $2374.
-1    Single Copy License#232             (368.)
-1    Additional Copy #232a               (238.)
      Order Subtotal for Site License     1768.

We hope you find this an attractive option as your use of our programs increases.


Dr. Richard E. Furnas
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