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MATMODEL<SUP><SMALL>TM</SMALL></SUP> Program for AMMI analysis

MATMODELTM offers new and exciting possibilities for effective research strategies involving two-way data tables, with or without replication.

The AMMI analysis implemented in MATMODELTM offers five substantial benefits to agronomists and breeders concerned with Genotype-Environment interactions:

* Better understanding of the Genotype-Environment interaction.

* Substantial improvement in the accuracy of yield estimates.

* Increased probability of correctly selecting genotypes with the highest yields.

* Imputing missing data--Usually experiments can be analysed even if substantial amounts of data are missing.

* Increased flexibility and efficiency of experimental designs.

MATMODELTM produces adjusted means which often have predictive accuracy equivalent to unadjusted means based upon a few or several additional replicates. Therefore AMMI analysis can often improve accuracy as much as doubling the data collection effort.

Most strategies for improving accuracy require a particular experimental design, or else concomitant variables ranging from field maps locating each observation to additional data such as soils, or weather. AMMI has no such requirements. AMMI is applicable to historical data, collected with whatever experimental design. Thus AMMI is also useful when past data contribute to ongoing decisions. Moreover, the power of AMMI to extract additional information will often make hard-won historical data worthy of renewed attention.

Version 2.0 represents a considerable improvement over earlier versions, allowing and imputing missing data. It also provides tools for optimal model selection from among the family of AMMI models, including assessment of predictive accuracy using data splitting and validation. Efficient memory utilization allows for processing about 30,000 observations, depending on system configuration and details of the analysis.

MATMODELTM is available to run under MS-DOSTM and AppleTM MacintoshTM. The MS-DOSTM version requires at least 512K of RAM, a floppy disk drive and MS-DOSTM (PC-DOSTM) version 2.1 or higher. A hard disk and numeric coprocessor (8087, 80287, or 80387) are recommended. The Mac version requires a Mac Plus or later model. A version using a numeric coprocessor is included in the package.

The MATMODELTM Version 2.0 package includes:

* The executable program running under MS-DOSTM, distributed on both 720K 3.5" and Industry Standard 360K (PC) format 5.25" floppy disks.

* The ability to compute ANOVA, PCA, Finlay-Wilkinson linear regression, and joint regression (concurrence) models.

* Several sample input data files and sample output files.

* A detailed manual explaining the MATMODELTM program and its application.

n MAT-20rl Single License

n MAT-20el Educational and U.S. Government License

Dr. Richard E. Furnas
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