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This is the FORTRAN-IV source code as distributed by Cornell for compilation by a FORTRAN-IV compiler on a mainframe computer. This product has not been altered from that originally distributed by Cornell except to make it available as ASCII files on floppy diskettes in either PC or MacintoshTM TEXT format. The intention is that the source be uploaded to the mainframe. The package includes source code for:

DECORANA, TWINSPAN, ORDIFLEX, and COMPCLUS as described above. Also included are the data editing utilities, CONDENSE, and DATAEDIT; the simulation programs Coenocline Simulation, Data Screening and Gaussian Ordination, Fit Gaussian or Normal Curve, and Coenoplane Simulation; as well as the program UNIVAR for Univariate and Bivariate statistics for a matrix of a few variables and many individuals (many thousands).

The package also includes the collection of simulated data sets we sell separately as CEP-SD.

Please note that the simulation programs have a random number generator which is machine specific to the IBMTM 360 and 370 computers for which the programs were originally written. This routine must be replaced with an appropriate alternative (typically a library routine will do) in any current installation.

n CEP-IVrc Machine Readable FORTRAN IV source


Dr. Richard E. Furnas
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