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by Mark O. Hill

 MS-DOSTM adaptation by Charles L. Mohler

DECORANA is a FORTRAN program for detrended correspondence analysis. DECORANA improves upon reciprocal averaging (where reciprocal averaging (RA) and correspondence analysis are synonyms; Journal of Ecology 61:237-249, 65:157-174, 69:135-152, and Vegetatio 42:47-58)

DECORANA avoids the arch or horseshoe problem of RA (the second axis is frequently a quadratic distortion of the first axis), and it also scales the ordination axis to avoid the contraction of axis ends in RA.

Our tests indicate that in general DECORANA results are superior to RA, multidimensional scaling, and principal components analysis, making it the best general purpose ordination, particularly for very heterogeneous data sets. DECORANA can also compute RA scores.

DECORANA uses an exceptionally fast algorithm with almost linear computer requirements with respect to the amount of data; thousands of species and samples are practical.

The MS-DOSTM executable module is dimensioned for 500 Species, 800 Samples, 38,000 non-zero array elements.


Dr. Richard E. Furnas
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