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Cornell Ecology Programs

MS-DOS<SUP><SMALL>TM</SMALL></SUP> Microcomputer Package

prepared by Charles L. Mohler
© 1987-1991 Microcomputer Power

The most popular of the Cornell Ecology Programs have been translated into FORTRAN-77 and adapted to run on MS-DOSTM microcomputers. Array sizes have been made as large as possible within the limit of running on a machine with 512K of RAM. This choice is a compromise between the DOS limit of 640K and the many machines readily expandable to only 512K of RAM. For those of you with 640K or more this means that your favorite RAM-resident utilities and device drivers can be installed while running the programs without reconfiguring your system.

This handy package provides an excellent collection of programs of value to investigators in Ecology. If you are interested in any one of the programs for your research, you will likely find the others of real value as your research proceeds further.

The package includes executable modules for: COMPCLUS, DECORANA, ORDIFLEX, TWINSPAN, and COMPOSE, described in more detail above.

The new utility, COMPOSE, written for this release of the programs by Charles Mohler, totally replaces CONDENSE and provides some of the functionality of DATAEDIT from the original mainframe version of the series.

Sample data sets allow you to run the programs at once. A complete set of printed manuals is included in the purchase price along with special supplementary manuals which give specific details for using the microcomputer version of the programs.

The executable modules were compiled with the MICROSOFTTM FORTRAN optimizing compiler for MS-DOSTM. This compiler allows arrays and COMMON blocks larger than 64 Kilobytes and the array sizes in the executable modules are larger than the common PC limit of 64K (see specifications at left).

Source code for the programs is also available. Unfortunately, in the MS-DOSTM environment, the syntax for using large arrays and COMMON blocks is not standardized. Even different versions of the MICROSOFTTM compiler used different syntax so the source code we ship is "generic" FORTRAN-77 for the PC. No arrays or COMMON blocks are larger than 64K. This should provide a good starting point for adapting the programs to whichever FORTRAN compiler you may be using.

n CEP-PCel Single License

n CEP-PCea Additional License

n CEP-PCes Site License


The Cornell Ecology Programs with COMPOSE
MS-DOS<SUP><SMALL>TM</SMALL></SUP> Microcomputer Package Specifications:
© 1987-1991 Microcomputer Power

System Requirements and Compatibility:

* MS-DOSTM Operating System version 2.0 or higher.

* 512K RAM.

* Numeric Coprocessor optional (will use if present).

* DOS text display (there should be no problem running the programs on any model MS-DOSTM machine).

Array Dimensions of the Executable modules:
  Species Samples Array
Program     Elements
DECORANA 500 800 38,000
TWINSPAN 800* 500 30,000
COMPCLUS+ 3,000 5,000 27,000
ORDIFLEX* 100 270 ----
COMPOSE 1,000 1,200 27,000

* Pseudospecies (see TWINSPAN manual).

+ COMPCLUS is also dimensioned for 2500 clusters.

* ORDIFLEX stores data as rectangular arrays which include zeros.


Dr. Richard E. Furnas
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