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CANOCO 3.15 addresses order dependence and strict convergence in CANOCO

See: Oksanen, J. & Minchin, P.R. 1997. Instability of ordination results under changes in input data order: explanations and remedies. Journal of Vegetation Science 8: 447-454.

We now have a modified version of CANOCO in response to the concerns and suggestions of Oksanen and Minchin. The modified version has been the standard shipping version since November 1997. After carefully weighing the expected impact of the changes, we are also making the updated CANOCO 3.15 available at no charge to existing customers by special request from Dick Furnas at:


If you would like a copy, please E-Mail me with your current CANOCO license number and I will E-Mail you the new version or make other arrangements to get it to you.

These concerns were also addressed in Canoco 4 for Windows and now in Canoco 4.5 which is now shipping. A detailed flier describing Canoco for Windows together with upgrade and ordering information are available at:


Here are some comments about the changes in CANOCO 3.15:

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