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Introductory course on multivariate analysis with Canoco 5

Details about the course Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data taught by Petr Šmilauer and Jan Lepš.

Canoco 5.1 is here!

Read about Canoco 5.1 at www.canoco.com

How can I get Canoco 5.1?

Download our Canoco 5.1 Order Form. Details below:

Note: Canoco is only available on physical media (CD and printed manual)

Old home page for
Canoco 4.5.



Canoco 5.1

  License     Description     Educational     Retail  
 New Licenses  Single License  $368  $678 
" Additional Single License  $238  $428 
" Site License (10-seat for retail)  $2374  $4289 
" Additional 10-seats  --  $3089 
 10% discount to Upgrade from Earlier Canoco Versions  Single License  $331.20  $610.20 
" Additional Single License  $214.20  $385.20 
" Site License   $2136.60  $3860.10 
" Additional 10-seats  --  $2780.10 

Canoco Related Textbooks No Longer Available from Microcomputer Power

  Textbooks     Possible Sources  
Data Analysis in Community and Landscape Ecology 
Jongmann, ter Braak, van Tongeren (1995) 
Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data using CANOCO 5 
Šmilauer and Jan Lepš (2014) 

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Now accepting orders

Canoco 5.12 is now available for distribution. We are actively filling orders for Canoco 5.12 for both New Licenses and Upgrades. Orders are being filled on a first-come first served basis. If you want Canoco 5.1 as soon as possible, place your order now.

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